New Contractor takes over at Footprint Power

On Sunday, April 15, Footprint Power Salem Harbor Development LP ("Footprint") terminated its engineering, procurement and construction agreement with Iberdrola Energy Projects. Footprint simultaneously entered into a contract with Burns & McDonnell ("Burns & Mac"), one of the largest nationally-recognized and experienced power plant contractors in the United States to complete the project.  As Burns & Mac has been assessing the status of the Project for months and is stepping in to the General Contractor role immediately, the transition will be safe, seamless, and provide sufficient time for Burns & Mac expeditiously to complete construction and the remaining testing necessary to ensure safe and reliable commercial operation.  Most of the Project's current union workers will continue under Burns & Mac until their scope of work is complete.  With Burns & Mac's support, we expect the power generating portion of the facility to become operational in the near future and the balance of the project to completed by December 2018.  In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please call Footprint's information line at (978) 740-8411.